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             Twink Extreme

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 6    

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Staxus , Twink Extreme
Cast: Brad Fitt, Blake Hanson, Ethan White, Jeanne DArc, Kurt Maddox, Kamyk Walker, Sam Kirby, Chase Hunt, Oscar Roberts
Genres: Twink 18+ ,Bareback,Fucking Anal, Sucking Dicks, Rimjob,Cumshot Face, Toys

Some boys want sex that?€™s like their ice-cream ?€“ vanilla. But these horny dudes aren?€™t interested in anything tame. Kamyk Walker, Oscar Roberts, Brad Fitt et al demand something much more intense ?€“ and they?€™re not afraid to prove their devotion to sex with bite on-screen. Be it handcuffing a partner to the bed or tormenting a lover with hot wax, this is wild, on-the-edge fornication that will appeal to anyone who finds run-of-the-mill porn just that little bit tame. But be warned, what you are about to witness is not for the feint-hearted ...

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:30:04
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 218kbps

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             Got Twink

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 4    

Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

And fortunately Devin can depend on Alejandro Castillo to give him a rock-hard, nine-inch uncut Mexican cock to play with. Alejandro is rough with his bottoms, so he doesn?€™t take it easy on Devin, not even a bit. He pulls his Speedo aside from his hole and licks his ass, and that?€™s just to tease him. Devin behaves himself and sucks deeply on Alejandro?€™s foreskin and cock at 04:05 -- it?€™s awesome oral sex action where Devin proves himself. As for the ass fucking mentioned earlier, Devin bends over and takes a hard pounding from Alejandro later at 13:45 onward.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:23:18
Video: 856x480, AVC (H.264), 2015kbps
Audio: 124kbps

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             Chain Kidz

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 4    

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Bad Ladz, Vimpex
Genres: Anal, Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Twinks D

Young criminals working on a chain gang suffer brutal bareback butt from their guards and other priers with cum gobbling and spunk in the arse!!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:51:31
Video: 720x416, DivX 5, 1521kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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             Jason Adonis: Unseen

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 3    

Release Year: 2009
Studio: Jet Set Men
Cast: Jason Adonis, Dakota Rivers, Mark Stone, Rico Suave, Tag Eriksson, Danny Rhymes, Sam Tyson, Jake Rodgers, Damon Ivy, Lorenzo Vargas, Vince Taylor
Genres: Muscle, Big Dick, Rimming, Cumshot

Superstar Ja Adonis returns in this definitive collection that includes a brand new two-way action scene with hunk Dakota Rivers, and a sizzling cum-soaked solo, along with five fan favorite scenes, all digitally re-mastered and re-edited to capture the timeless intensity of the legendary star as he was then - and is now!
Tall muscular Dakota Rivers wants in to the frat, and man-in-charge Ja Adonis wants in to his hot ass. Both get what they want! In this brand new, never-before seeneback scene, Ja Adonis shows you why hes a star: He verbally abuses the obedient Rivers, blindfolds him, strips him to his underwear and then shoves his rock hard cock in Rivers mouth. But Ja also gets a taste of Rivers cock, too, before pounding the guys submissive ass all over the frat house sofa before each explodes with powerful cumshots worthy of all the taunting and teasing that leads up to it.
Proving that Ja by himself is still worth your full attention, Adonis stretches his big muscles post-workout in the locker room before posing a bit in the mirror and before hitting the showers, where he works himself up to a frenzy that ends with a gigantic cum shot that sprays thick creamy white jizz all over the mirror in perhaps his biggest cum shot ever caught on film. Satisfied, he heads to the steamy shower to give us one last look at the Greek Gods perfect body as it glistens with moisture.
Filmed just for the release of Unseen, Ja sits for an in-depth interview that looks at his incredible career and the controversies that have surrounded him along the way, both on and off the set. A relaxed and reflective Ja takes you back to growing up in the conservative Midwest in a tension-filled family, posing for fitness magazines at the height of taking "supplements" and then finding his way into gay porn. Right off the bat, he tackles the "Are you gay?" question with typical Ja directness and clarity, as he does each and every subject thrown his way in this revealing look at a true superstar.
Ja interviews porn stars to decide who can be Man of the Year. Danny Rhymes, the first contestant, says hes a great cocksucker and goes to work on Jas considerable dick. Ja then rims Danny and fucks him, first bent over the desk, and then lying back on it. He cums twice in rapid succession.
Ja and Sam Ty, two straight guys, are driving home and take cell phone calls that indicate that they are both soon to be "homosexuals." Talking of girls and pussy, they are seen naked and Sam is sitting on Ja massaging his incredible body. They kiss and both get hard. Sam goes down on Jas cock and gives him a great blow job before Ja rims him before fucking him and then cumming on Sams butt. Sam cums himself.
Ja is in a bed on a TV stage holding and kissing Rico Suave. Tag Eriks, Lorenzo Vargas and Vince Taylor are clothed and sitting at a judges table nearby,menting on the sex. Rico is on top of Ja. Permand, he pulls Jas suit down to suck on Jas dick. They reverse positions and Ja sucks on Ricos dick. Ja then fucks Rico doggie style. The judges are getting sexually hot themselves and Tag takes his shirt off and all of them seem to be playing with themselves under the table. Tag is now naked and moves over to join in on the sex. Rico and Ja go to work sucking on Tag. Rico is intensely blowing Tag and jacking off Ja. Tag and Ja kiss. Tag fucks Rico on his back, and Ja stands on the bed over Rico so that tag can suck his dick at the same time he fucks Rico. Ja gets down so that Rico can suck on him while hes getting fucked. Tag and Ja jack off and cum on Rico, who cums a river.
Ja Adonis works out in the warehouse on his break time when Jake Rogerses in to join him and rim his big muscle ass. Before you know it Ja is plowing Jakes hot muscle ass on the weight bench. Dont miss these two muscle boys getting it on in the Warehouse of Sex!
Marc Stone wakes up to find Ja Adonis and Damon Ivy blowing each other by the pool. Marc joins in and soon the three are making a sandwich out of Damon Ivy before blowing their loads all over each other.

Format: avi
Duration: 3:21:02
Video: 760x568, XviD, 649kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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             Hooked Up

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 2    

Release Year: 2008
Studio: Colt studio, Olympus
Cast: Jake Watson, Chris Stone, Claudio Antonelli, Don Camillo, James Jordan, Jose Ganatti, Marc Dievo, Steve Hunt, Tobias Steel
Genres: Anal / Oral Sex, Big Dick, Blow Job, Hairy, Muscle Men, Tattoo, ThreeWays, Uncut, Compilations

Roland knows that the only way to capture great action is for the attraction to be real, for the men to be fueled by desire who are hot for each other. These four smoking hot scenes each stand alone as hard hitting scenes of all out sexual savagery. Together they make for one hot viewing experience with plenty of inspiration for those who like to get off watching guys having and doing what they do best; for your eyes only.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:24:48
Video: 720x540, XviD, 1758kbps
Audio: 187kbps

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             Diving Lagoon

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 6    

Release Year: 2004
Studio: Clair Productions
Cast: Director Eugenes
Genres: muscles, couples, threesomes, jocks, anal, oral sex, outdoors

Director Eugenes "Diving Lagoon" stars the absolute cream of the Hungarian porn star crop, as gorgeous just to look at as they are to watch fuck. The plot revolves around these titans searching for a sunken German treasure ship in a lagoon. What was a ship doing in a shallow lagoon? Neither I nor the laws of physics have any idea, but let the guys search and search, because when theye up empty handed, they go and have sex, which is infinitely more exciting than watching them in body suits with air tanks strapped to their backs.
Rick Perry is in charge of the operation and hands out the tasks. He sends out sharp-featured powerhouse Jerry OConnor and tall handsome blond Adriano Lazzari first. They splash through the opulently picturesque lagoon and end up on a beach where Jerry is soon cramming his mouth full of Adrianos cock, stroking his own eye-popping fat one as the sun dances off their beautifully muscled bodies. Adriano takes on Jerrys dick, getting as much as he can into his mouth, which is no easy trick. Adriano then bends Jerry over to rim and finger his hairless tight ass. His finger has trouble fitting in, but his cock is rammed into Jerry so hard that he opens Jerry right up and gives him a fast-paced hammering. Jerry and his big bitable lips take it with gentle cooking, even when he sits on Adriano to let the top work hard from underneath. The sand is an ideal place for them to kiss side-by-side and jack off.
The remaining beefcakes are standing in model poses on the boat when they arrive at the "fjords where the catamaran sunk" (how many times do you see that in a porn flick?). Into and very quickly out of the juice go hairy craggy Renato Bellagio, strapping tattooed Julian Vincenzo and the standout among the heavenly faces and bodies here, Ray Phillips. Renato makes no bones about sunning himself on the beach when overes Julian to help him produce a bone or two. Renato gets on his side to get blown by Julian and rimmed by Ray, the lucky ! Ray does the better work, with the camera right in his face, and then Renato sits atop Ray to continue getting blown as Julian alternates eating his ass and sucking Ray between posing contentedly in the sun. Renato takes his first fuck from the ultra-sexy Ray, thrusting gleefully at him and looking so dashing doing it. Julian reclines in the water to get blown by the gifted bottom. Renato then parks himself on Rays cock perpendicular to his top so Ray can continue from underneath in this fun position. Its then Julians turn to fuck Renato, starting with a sideways position so Renato can get sucked by Ray. Julians thick cock fits in there, with nice stretch from dependable Renato. On the rocks (the scenery is an amazing extra character here), Renato takes it from Julian so Ray can get sucked some more. All three stand a few feet apart and cum for each other.
The tall bru Rick, with big muscular pecs, tells youthful ripped Shane Rage and always-willing beefy Fred Goldsmith about the island in the lagoon and how they were used as separate mens and womens pris. I know pri isnt supposed to be enjoyable, but amid this scenery, it had to be better than rooms without views. They go diving and naturally end up on the shore with the same infectious horniness as their pals. Soon enough, the tight square-jawed Shane is blowing well-hung Rick while the latter laps up deep in Freds muscular butt. After hardworking Shane has had his fill of Ricks cock, Fred takes it, with Shane now delighting Freds ass hole with his pierced tongue. Watch Freds cock twitch each time Shane starts at him again. Rick fucks Fred, getting in about half of his cock as he also blows Shane. Rick is and keeps at Fred with great pace. Rick and Fred, still inserted, fall in a kissing tumble to a sideways position, watched carefully by Shane. Fred sits on a thrusting Shane for his next round, a smoothly delivered fuck lorded over by Rick. Fred is able to take Shane in that difficult perpendicular position introduced in the last scene, and with tons of bounce. Rick cant help but cum watching this sport, followed by Fred, with Shane still in him. Shane quickly pulls out, rips off his condom and shoots and impressive load straight up the hair line of his abs.
Lucio Maverick is sent on the last mission with Jerry. Lucio, a sensual bru with shoulder-length hair, ogles Jerry the entire way to the diving spot and then finally turns it into something real when he declines stripping in order to hunker down and blow Jerry immediately upon reaching dry land. With a good helping hand, he does fine work on Jerrys humongous cock. They lay in the water for Jerry to give Lucios dick a frisky head-rolling blowjob and then Jerry throws his legs way in the air so Lucio can lick his ass clean with total focus. Jerry takes two fingers to open him up again and then is well-oiled for Lucios slow knowingly sexy fuck. His gentle slicing all the way into Jerrys ass is wonderful to watch. Lucio squeezes an easy sideways fuck into the adoring Jerry and then a final position shows off Jerrys round butt to full advantage. Calf-length in the water, they drop their cum into the lagoon.
In the end, the guys all return to the boat and sail off as the sun sets. Did they fine pirate booty? Doesnt look like it. However, I think the booty they did find is a whole lot more potent, and though they cant lay claim to coins, they can certainly lay claim to treasure.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:42:53
Video: 704x528, DivX 5, 1665kbps
Audio: 78kbps

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             Lucky Stiffs Jan Jakov, Mario Remeck, Luko Lyka

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 5    

Release Year: 2007
Cast: Jan Jakov, Jano Horicky, Lubo Karol, Luko Lyka, Mario Remeck, Martin Kulovy, Miso Maly, Ondrej Surov
Genres: features, hardcore, twinks, jocks, orgy, anal, blowjobs, rimming
Video language: English

Director Zack Wood has done an outstanding job of finding new, never before seen models for this movie! Just seeing Jan Jakov naked is well worth the cost of the show; hes all lean beef and attitude, with a nice cock to boot! But of course, this fuck flick is packed full of young, hot guys ?€“ well toned, with their eager thrusting cocks ready for action! The gorgeous Mario is bound to make the pulse in your veins, and your dick beat a little faster. Lets hope these new additions will be making this their first Tribal Pulse movie of many to cum!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:46:17
Video: 720x540, MP4V, 1754kbps
Audio: 124kbps

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             Treasure Island Media - Manfuck Manifesto

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 3    

The Manfuck Manifesto is simple: fuck to live and live to fuck. Its a deeply held belief and a guiding principle for the men I got together for this vid, which features legendary topmen Brad McGuire & BJ Slater, mainstream porn star Ethan Wolfe making his bareback feature debut, notorious fuckholes John Sullivan, Blake Daniels, & Ian Jay, and many others.
No direction, no crew, nothing but plain-real raw fucking. Thats been the Treasure Island Media credo since the beginning: to document the full range of male sexuality in action and put it out there as inspiration for every man.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:14:13
Video: 720x576, FFMpeg MPEG-4, 1998kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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             Barely Legal

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 3    

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Euroboy
Genres: Amateur, Teen, Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Big Cock, Ourdoors, Skinny, Toy, Solo, Masturbation, Cumshots

In the garden, on the shop floor and round at their mates house, these young studs are addicted to cock and dont care who sees them in action. These boys love getting their holes stretched and dicks sucked in the ten cock-stirring scenes from the Euroboy vaults. Watch them juice loads of spunk, get fucked by big, fat cocks and pre-cum in their nylon shorts. Theyre hot, theyre horny and theyre barely legal!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 2:22:34
Video: 768x576, Windows Media Video V8
Audio: 62kbps

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             Sperm Kisses

    Date: Today, 07:10   |  Views: 4    

Release Year: 2007
Studio: Street Boys

100% condom-free, 8 hot guys for example the sperm-hooked Martin Brawer who get the loads inside in the back and in the front, the other guys do it similarly of cause, 6 XXX-Hardcore Scenes, 11 Cumshots in mouth and 4 loads into the hole. Take a look and see the sperm comes out from mouth and ass. If you saw the movies "Sperm Kisses" or "Sperm Suckers" you know what "Bruckner-Quality" means. - A must for all sperm-fans.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:49:00
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1167kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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